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I’m a freelance illustrator and concept-artist for (board)games and animations. I specialise in Illustrating the past and designing stylised fantastical worlds.

During the past 12 years I helped bring game and animation worlds to life. In these projects I have worked on the initial stylistic exploration and the final designs used in these productions. 

The root of my style is always a dialogue between a traditional, hand-drawn or painterly approach and the specific stylistic needs of every project. 

More recently my work as an illustrator has focused on the representation of historical scenes. I have illustrated several historically themed boardgames and worked on archaeological projects visualising the past.  

Occasionally I teach a figure drawing course at Figura, the Dutch Academy of Figurative Sculpture. Additionally I run a weekly figure drawing session in the evening at Ateliers Westerdok in Amsterdam. 

Besides my freelance activities,  I explore the world of painting in the studio or on the street. Currently my studio work explores dystopian scenes inspired by the current state of the world.  Outside I’m fascinated  by  painting unusual urban locations like underground garages and viaducts.  

Feel free to contact me, I’m always looking for new creative challenges and interesting projects to work on!

…Voor het Goede!


Forcefield VRFisher-Price / Mattel, Mookx ,ColorbleedPlus One, Karakter

Visual-development, Art-direction, Concept-art, Environment design, Illustration, Archeological-Illustration, Style-frames