Blogging at the end of the end of history

Blogging at the end of the end of history

So my blog, it still exists! Social media kind of took its place. But after some time of reflection I think I should keep it alive. I’ll still occasionally share stuff using the black magic of FB an instagram. I don’t “own” the content there, so from now on I’ll try to centralise it on my blog. The work present in my portfolio changes over time. I’d like to keep my blog as more of a permanent archive of stuff I’ve worked on.

So what happend since my last post(2018!?) Boardgames! Historical boardgames :)

I’ve illustrated the roman board-game Donning the purple (2019) the expansion Votes and Virtue (2020) by Tompet games. Both the boaxart and cards were done by me.

Last year I mostly worked on the Europa Universalis: The Price of Power board-game by Aegir games. I illustrated over 80+ cards for them. 

The game is still in production but it’s looking like it’s going to be a real board-game gem. (The deluxe edition is almost 6kg!?)

In following blogpost I’ll show the work in more detail.

Oh and I’m still painting of course. Trying to make sense of this mess and all..

Happy dystopia everybody!