Pet Lab concept-art

Pet Lab concept-art

Last year I had the privilege to do some concept-art work for the virtual reality game company Forcefield VR. In their Oculus go game “Pet lab” you train and create magical creatures to sell to customers.   Initially I worked on helping defining the mood and atmosphere of the interiors. I love this phase, making rough bold statements and trying to push the designs to an extreme. The art director wanted a “wonky”-feel to the rooms. Here are some early exploration sketches:

Later I could refine them a bit more:

1 MainRoom_color5 crop

Main room

2 MainRoom_back_color4b

3 hatching3b

Hatching room

4 potion room_color5

Potion room



One of the really nice benefits of working in-house at a VR company is seeing the locations come alive as you work. Putting on a VR-headset and experiencing the space i drew translated in VR is awesome! It became really apparent that the size of objects really matters. A prop that you can pick up could look gigantic if not scaled (or designed!) correctly to real world measurements.

Concept art is preproduction so some stuff cancelled as the game matured. At one point players could visit other players shops. I made some designs for that:

shop front3street_outside

And of course some props:


And the creatures :


Some of these were used as a base for the final creatures you can see in game. There is a trailer:

It was super fun to work in VR. Keep an eye out for more good stuff from Forcefield VR, they have the talent and experience to make more cool VR experiences!