A tiny retrospective

A tiny retrospective

Prior to my classical adventures here in Florence, i studied painting in Holland for a year. I managed to dig up some old paintings i did and some personal compositional sketches from that time.

Robo - Still - life - Acrylics / 2010

Chair study - oil / 2010

plein air study - oil / 2010

suitcase - comp study - acrylics 2010

It’s nice to see these images again, they remind me of the thrill of first touching traditional paint after years of digital work. Unsure if my digital past was any good in this new territory, painting traditionally was merciful and full of discoveries! I was in love!!! That experience made it clear to me that traditional painting is really what i like the most. Painting behind a computer on a small screen with a plastic pen doesn’t quite beat the romance of standing behind an easel, working with something that is actually physically real, and covering yourself in paint…  I haven’t touched any form of traditional paint in quite a while however. My studies here in Italy will keep me busy with charcoal for a while. And with the freelance stuff squeezed in all the time i can spend after school, painting for myself is something i have to postpone to summer i think… But when i do, i’ll put it up here for sure!