quick italian summary #2: Figure studies

quick italian summary #2: Figure studies



This was the whole reason i went to Italy. I wanted to draw the figure i a more naturalistic way. Studying in a classical atelier really helped me improve. For the first time i was taught a method  to help achieve this. (I will spend another blog post on the Angel Academies figure drawing approach). One of the big differences between Ateliers in Holland and Florence is the time spend drawing the model.

The female pencil study above took 3 weeks.  Although my rendering skills in pencil are not that good, (i prefer charcoal) i was amazed by what could be achieved with this fairly basic medium. Naturally having that much time available gives the student more time to improve the gesture, proportion, values and edges.   Here is a close-up (click for full-res):

Although as much as i liked doing these the classical- “angel”-way,  i love doing more sketchy figurative work (like the male study above). It gives the viewer and the subject some space to breathe as opposed to the fully determent rendered style. Still i think studying the figure from the classical point of view is a great  learning environment to build solid  figure drawing and figure painting skills.

I’ll end this post with a small 6 minute figure study.

Next week i’ll show some digital stuff again. Hopefully i can reveal some commercial work that is keeping me busy!