Quick Italian summary #1 Bargues

Quick Italian summary #1 Bargues

So i finally got the time to snap some reasonable pictures of the drawings and paintings i did in Florence. In order to keep things organised, i’ll group them as a theme.

In this post i’ll briefly talk about  bargue drawings.

The drawings i made were all done in pencil. These  drawings are designed to introduce the student to things like shapes, proportion and tonal rendering. The goal here is to copy the originals  as accurate as possible. And this takes time.  I took weeks to complete one drawing. Hard to imagine but also van Gogh used to copy Bargues. I would love to see how he interpreted the rigid classical ideal!

Here are some close ups:

After we finished successfully copying from flat images we wend on to work from life: the plaster cast in charcoal.

I’ll try to post weekly from now on. Mixing traditional and digital work every week.