Thursday life drawing @ Atelier Westerdok

Thursday life drawing @ Atelier Westerdok

Every thursday i organise a weekly model drawing session at Atelier Westerdok. The sessions are always centered around a specific theme to have the model pose in a refreshing new way. The three sketches below were done in a session inspired by the story of Moby Dick, so the model was rowing, drowning etc.piet-roei

Other times we work from an artist or artwork to inspire the poses. In the drawing below the model was posing as one the dead figures from the painting The Raft of the Medusa by Théodore Géricault:


Posing in an unusual costume also gives some interesting material to work with. In the drawing below the model was partly dressed as a clown:


Just recently we started experimenting with unusual lighting conditions using projected imagery on the model


But even a simple stage light from below can be very refreshing.dramatisch_licht2

Though sometimes we do end up with more conventional situations:


It can be a bit chaotic to simultaneously draw and organise the evening. But things are getting more routine. Most of the drawings i make during the thursday remain sketches. My medium of choice has bin mostly graphite and A3 (or bigger) sketching paper The poses are max around 20 min. I’m still slowly adapting to that timeframe.

I’ve organised these sessions for a year now and finally start to feel that it’s becoming what it should be. The atmosphere is always open and friendly, the group is varied and mixed and most ideas to work with seem seem to find their audience.  My friend Thomas Schmall helps during the sessions, and keeps up the meetup page. 

Feel free to join us every thursday from 19:30 – 22:00 at Atelier Westerdok  , westerdok 318 (walkable from Amsterdam Central Station). You can find the weekly schedule with the models and topics at their website.

The price for a single session is 14 Euro (or 12,50 for students or other reductions: Stadspas or 65+ card)
A 10 sessions card costs 115 Euro (105 reduced)

Want to model? Just send me an email