Friday skull day

Friday skull day

our second try; from reference

Skulls! Together with some friends we had a little skull sculpting session lead by Floris Schullen. First we spend a day sculpting from imagination without looking at reference.  One week later, we did it again but this time from reference.  What a difference! (compare the first one, picture below 3th skull with the 1st on the picture above!)


without reference

the first skulls without reference

There were a lot of mistakes in my first skull (the 3th from the left).  The teeth got humongous, and for some reason i forgot the roundness of the skull. An exercise like this really helps to point out the flaws of one’s mental model of the human head. While doing the first one, I realised how little i knew about the features of the head. I was amazed by the beauty of the different shapes, edges and connections. And it’s a relief working in a medium were you only have to deal with shapes and edges!