Last-Inua: IOS Adventure, some concept-art

Last-Inua: IOS Adventure, some concept-art

Last week an IOS adventure game i worked on was released. LAST INUA is an award winning platform adventure game featuring an Inuit father and his son on their epic quest for survival against the elements. Father Ataataq has to guard his son Hiko, a gifted boy with supernatural abilities. Their world, the mythical North, is under attack by an ancient demon: Tonrar. Tonrar seeks to dominate the North and to do this he needs to destroy Hiko. But Tonrar is alone, Ataataq and Hiko have each other.


Back in 2011 Glowforth asked me to help vis-dev the style of the background for the prototype.  In 2013 they found a publisher and i worked as a concept- and lead-artist on the project. Here are some initial concept-art images i made for them in those early stages of development:


The bear was done in 2011 and helped define the style of the other mythical creatures in the game.


We considered an “inverted” – style for some sequences of the game. This idea was later ditched in favour of a more coherent experience with the iconic abstract white snow layer.


In those early stages, anything is possible! They wanted to create a chase sequence with an evil-demonic narwhale. It did not end up in the game: it would take to much resources to produce for something that the player would only experience briefly at the end of the game. The narwhale is still in the game, but not that “alive” anymore…

There is still a lot of stuff i can show from that production. For clarity i’ll put them little by little on the blog. People seem to like the game, from what i can tell from the reviews. Especially the atmosphere and music : )

You can buy the game for ipad and iphone in the app-store.
And you can grab the soundtrack for free on their blog.

More images of this project are also in my portfolio.