On the radio! While working on my indie-game

On the radio! While working on my indie-game

planeet_title_blogExciting news! Opium, the radio program on the dutch classical  music channel 4, invited me to work in their little tower room in the Vondelpark. This means  this week i’ll be working in there on the indie-game “Mankind” that i’m developing with Alexander Mangel.

I will write daily blog post on their website (sorry only dutch), and they will do some small interviews about the work i’m doing.
The program is called OPIUM and is on the radio every weekday ( MA/ DI/ WO/ DO/ VR) from 22:30 – 00:00.

The studio space is small, but on a beautiful spot in the Vondelpark. I can see everybody passing by from my little tower : )

About the game:

“Journey through mankind’s evolution, build a civilisation, from the very first beginnings up to the very end. Mankind is a survival game, inspired by games such as Don’t Starve, Journey, Neo Scavenger, Dark Souls 2. Mankind puts you in the hairy feet of one of the very first primates. Take care of yourself, neatly clip your toenails and scavenge for sweet sweet bananas.

As you develop a complex survival strategy of hanging around and taking it easy, disregarding the occasional lion, you will meet others of your species. These others can be inspired to join you around a warm, cozy fire or even do some less entertaining tasks, like woodcutting and mining. All the while you take it upon yourself to innovate and, with great entrepreneurial spirit, make the first steps towards civilisation.”

You can find more concept-art on our website: www.mankindgame.com

If you want to stay updated on the development of the game, check our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MankindGame